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Trace the history of the great civilizations of the Bronze Age period of greatest prosperity to the time of the disastrous invasions of barbarian tribes destroyed them. The player will be given the opportunity to change the course of world history to lead one of 17 playing nations. Flip the invasion of barbarian tribes examples of the role of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Hittite Tabarna, Mycenaean Vanakt and others. Or on the contrary lead the crowd from a desperate tramps are ready to challenge the powers that be, win fame and fortune in the war and set a new world order.

Crack Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion

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Rome is huge and that's exactly why it's ripe for the picking. It's just too big for its own good and is constantly threatened, not only by barbarians, but by internal unrest as well. Failure to quell uprisings can cause Rome to eventually crack. You can almost see the fault line as Rome is divided into East and West sections. It has a very powerful army and some of the best commanders on the planet but the barbarians have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to slay the giant.


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