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Sailor GMDSS Simulator.rar

Over 150 universities, schools and maritime training centers around the world are using Vox Maris to train thousands of sailors in the communication courses "IMO 1.25 - GOC", "IMO 1.26 - ROC", "SRC - Short Range Certificate", "LRC - Long Range Certificate", "SRC VHF - VHF restricted Radiotelephone Operator" and "Maritime Safety Courses for sport sailors".

Sailor GMDSS Simulator.rar

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Hi my name is Craig I am working for a private fishing company .I am passionate of the work and the courses I have dune have not yet in counter a emergency call yet ,but starting a new course on gmdss global looking forward to start the course.

Navigators, sailors and mariners have relied to the global maritime communication system for their protection and safety while at sea. For many years, they have been using the old communication system until advance technology has improved and added new features. Today, there is a wide selection of maritime system communication equipment available in the market with the advance and excellent features. The global maritime safety system is an efficient device use primarily for alerting, homing, coordinating and communicating. The use of the global maritime communication device is required to all vessels offshore in compliance with the IMO Resolutions.


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