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The Golazo Show

CBS Sports expands its extensive multiplatform coverage of the UEFA Champions League with The Golazo Show, a live whip-around program featuring every goal from every match. The show will air when six matches are being played simultaneously during the UEFA Champions League Group Stage matchdays, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 20 and Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 3:00 PM, ET. The show will capture all the goals, memorable moments, and highlights along with expert analysis and commentary.

The Golazo Show

i like the ESPN+ framework. They take the leagues others toss off. NCAA D1 soccer men and women among other. Very thankful for this. Anyway, myself and about 50 others in USA are watching Freiburg FC on ESPN+ every week, thank you, and the English speaking audio is solid. The trouble with Paramount is they overhype everything. Soccer needs no hype. Broadcast the game with a solid audio team. Give some serious analysis on the break. Have a nice recap show for yours, and, for all the leagues - now that - the later - would be something different. Typically in soccer, they only cover what they have in contract. Afraid to pimp the other networks programming. I'd take a nice helping of a broad highlight and analysis show. Have a nice day.

During the group stage, which begins next week, CBS will air a whiparound show called The Golazo Show on CBS Sports Network, beginning at 3 PM ET (with a pre-match show starting at 2:30 PM). All of the live group stage matches will air (in English) on CBS All Access. Univision has the Spanish language rights, and will presumably air several matches each week on its stable of networks. 041b061a72


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