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Where To Buy Fc Barcelona Tickets

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Where To Buy Fc Barcelona Tickets

Boca (Entrance): Once inside the Camp Nou stadium, stop in a hallway which goes around the access to the stands. Now you must find your boca or entrance, to reach the sector where your seat is. The boca numbers are shown in yellow on a horizontal panel, located above each access.

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The easiest and most convenient way to reserve your Barcelona FC football tickets if you are outside of Barcelona is to purchase them online. However, you must plan to be flexible with your dates on your trip. Planning ensures you will still see the match if the match should be postponed or the date of the gamed changed by the club. Postponing a match can happen for any number of reasons - some of which could be bad weather or simply rescheduling by a club for their reasons. Follow our tips below to give you the best chance of seeing a match even if the dates are rescheduled. The tips below are not hard and fast rules, but they are shown to be the case if a match is rescheduled.

When you purchase Barcelona FC tickets online it will be up to you to check and confirm the exact date and time of the game before the scheduled match date. This is most reliably done by visiting the official Spanish Football Federation website:

In general, online ticket booking sites do not have a responsibility to inform you if football game dates have changed after a customer has made a booking. The role of the booking agent is to provide you with the tickets for the match. It is up to you to check the match is still scheduled as planned for yourself.

This is just part of the nature of buying football tickets and the changeable nature of fixtures. Most games go ahead as planned, but there can be changes at short notice, so it is worth being prepared for this eventuality.

We recommend before you book your tickets online, it is a good idea to read the terms of service of the booking agent. Different online booking agents may have different terms and conditions; however, they will all be subject to the same issues of football matches, possibly being rescheduled. That is just part of the nature of the game.

If you want to book tickets by telephone you can call the following number however make sure once again to clarify with them what the terms and conditions are if a match is rescheduled, cancelled or postponed before you buy.

ATM Machine:It is now possible to purchase tickets through 'ServiCaixa' - this is a system allowing people to buy tickets from cash machines. Look out for 'La Caixa' cash machines throughout Barcelona where you can follow instructions to buy a match ticket. It is not necessary to have a Spanish bank account to do this. You simply need a visa or credit card.

The bestoption for most is to buy the tickets online, but be watch out for unofficialwebsites that offer tickets for sale even before they are officially releasedas you might find yourself without the money and the tickets (see more belo).

The bestplace to buy the tickets is the official FC Barcelona website, it is user friendly and thetickets can be printed at home.Ticketmasteris also a good option and it is an official FC Barcelona partner.The maximum number of tickets allowed per purchase is 6.

It is,also, possible to buy the tickets once in Barcelona but, usually, it is not agood idea as the match can be sold out by then, all the good seats might betaken or the only available seats might be in separate locations in the stadium.That said, in less important matches the risk is minimal so it can be an optionif the plan to watch the match is not final.The official tickets sale points in Barcelona are:

Unofficialtickets websitesAs mentioned, there are plenty of websites today that offer match ticketsbefore the tickets are released and for matches that do not offer tickets forthe general public (like El Clásicoagainst Real Madrid). Those websites do so with the help of 3rdparty seat holder vendors, an action which the legality of it is not clear (thelaw in Spain forbids reselling tickets in the vicinity of the stadium, as whenit was passed, before the 1982 World Cup in Spain, there was no Internet, butaccording to some of the sections of the law it can be easily interpreted toprohibit Internet sales as well) which can cause problems when entering thestadium. In addition, as the website is only a mediator and the vendors areprivate citizens or agencies you might find yourself without tickets (it hashappened before when sellers and agents disappeared without delivering thetickets) or running across town to get them. Apart from that you will pay morethan the actual ticket value in commissions to the vendor and the website.The only time that this option should be considered is when there are noregular tickets on sale (like with El Clásico) and only after taking intoaccount the risks.

ServicaixaMany websites still mention the option of buying tickets through the Servicaixawebsite or ATMs but this is no longer true as the La Caixa bank closed down thisservice and sold the activity to Ticketmaster.

Ticketsbought from Ticketmaster can be picked up at Fnac stores, Carrefoursupermarkets and Halcón travel agencies that are on this list.The purchaser must bring an ID (ID card or passport), the purchase referenceand the card used for the purchase.If another person comes to collect the tickets he must bring his ID (ID card orpassport), the purchase reference, a copy of the purchaser ID, a copy of thecard used for the purchase (both sides) and a letter of authorization signed bythe purchaser indicating his full name and ID/passport number and the full nameand ID/passport number of the person collecting the tickets.The tickets must be collected more than 3 working days before the match.

Naturally your position will depend some on your budget, however in general I can say that pretty much anywhere on the second level will offer you a great chance to see Messi and Co get to work.

You can easily buy FC Barcelona tickets on our website by going to the match page you want to see at Camp Nou stadium. Just look at the information, select the category and number of seats you want, then follow the secure online purchase procedure. Fill in all the form, pay your order and you will immediately receive an email confirmation of your purchase with all the information concerning the good progress of your order.

Fc Barcelona tickets will be delivered to the address provided in the order form, always inside the Spanish territory. Regarding foreigners, they will have to provide their accommodation address during their stay in Spain.

If you do not have an address in Spain to receive your tickets - for example, if you are not staying in a hotel in Barcelona - you can pick up your tickets at an office near the Camp Nou stadium, which opens every game day four hours before the match.

If you wisk to book tickets that are not in stock, as soon as we receive your booking order we do our best to get them. Once we obtain the tickets, we send you a booking confirmation e-mail. If we do not manage to get the tickets, you are refunded 100% of the amount paid and our company is exempt from any liability regarding any inconvenience caused to the customer.

In case you have a last minute emergency, you can contact us at the customer service telephone number available 24 hours/day and effective 72 hours before the event. This phone number is indicated in the ticket's confirmation order. In any case, you can contact us at: football @

Cancellations, changes or refunds are not allowed once the purchase or the booking has been accepted. Refunds are only accepted if our company does not manage to fulfill the purchase or booking. Before cancelling the purchase or booking -in case we did not manage to obtain the tickets chosen category- we would offer you lower category tickets and the difference in price would be refunded.

Hello Connor ,As in any European football league, a match can be moved from one date to another, even if it is very rare.It is therefore necessary, as we indicate on this site, to plan a longer stay of at least 48 hours to be sure to be able to attend the match. Please note in this case that the tickets purchased for the initial date are obviously valid for the new date. Regards,

Was looking at booking tickets for the upcoming game in January against Granada It's for a Christmas present but as it stands the game hasn't been confirmed even though it's due to be played on the 19/01. What is the possibility of this game being re-arranged What would you recommend doing. Cheers.

Hello,for the original 26.10 date I bought two tickets for El Classico. It will be valid for the new date Important to know about my flight ticket ... I don't need the money, I want to see the match :-) Thank you very much for the answer! Peter from Hungary:-)

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