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Sangeetha Bala Padam Book Full

Sangeetha Bala Padam Book Full

Sangeetha Bala Padam is a series of books that teach the basics of Carnatic music, a classical music tradition of South India. The books are written by A.S. Panchapakesa Iyer, a renowned musician and teacher who has trained many students in Carnatic music. The books cover various aspects of Carnatic music such as swaras (notes), ragas (melodic modes), talas (rhythmic cycles), varnams (compositions), kritis (songs), and more. The books are designed for beginners as well as advanced learners who want to improve their knowledge and skills in Carnatic music.


The Sangeetha Bala Padam series consists of several volumes, each focusing on a different level of learning. The first volume, Sangeetha Bala Padam Part 1, introduces the basic concepts and elements of Carnatic music, such as the seven swaras, the 72 melakarta ragas, the 35 talas, the alankaras (exercises), and the geethams (simple songs). The book also provides a brief history and overview of Carnatic music, its origin, evolution, and characteristics. The book is available in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi languages.

The second volume, Sangeetha Bala Padam Part 2, covers the varnams, which are complex compositions that combine melody and rhythm. The book teaches how to sing and play varnams in different ragas and talas, with detailed explanations and notations. The book also includes some famous varnams composed by great composers such as Tyagaraja, Dikshitar, Shyama Shastri, Swati Tirunal, Patnam Subramania Iyer, and others. The book is available in English and Tamil languages.

The third volume, Sangeetha Bala Padam Part 3, focuses on the kritis, which are the most popular and expressive form of Carnatic music. The book teaches how to sing and play kritis in various ragas and talas, with lyrics, meanings, and notations. The book also features some of the most celebrated kritis composed by the trinity of Carnatic music: Tyagaraja, Dikshitar, and Shyama Shastri. The book also introduces other composers such as Purandara Dasa, Annamacharya, Narayana Teertha, Bhadrachala Ramadasa, Muthuswami Dikshitar's disciples, Syama Sastri's disciples, Swati Tirunal's disciples, and others. The book is available in English and Tamil languages.

The Sangeetha Bala Padam books are widely used by students and teachers of Carnatic music across the world. They are also recommended by many music institutions and organizations as a standard curriculum for learning Carnatic music. The books are praised for their simplicity, clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. They are also enriched with illustrations, diagrams, examples, exercises, quizzes, and tips to make learning fun and easy. The books are published by Giri Trading Agency Private Limited, a leading publisher of books on Indian culture and spirituality.

If you are interested in learning Carnatic music or enhancing your musical skills and knowledge, you can buy the Sangeetha Bala Padam books online from Amazon or other online platforms. You can also find them in your local bookstores or libraries. You can also download a PDF version of Sangeetha Bala Padam Part 1 from Documents and E-books. Happy learning!


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