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How To Buy Concert Tickets

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If you want to be among the first to know of events at a specific venue, join their mailing list. Almost all event organizations have an email list, and you will be notified when exciting things happen, like concert announcements and when tickets go on sale.

Hop online 10 minutes before tickets go on sale if there is an in-demand show you want to see. Most sites will let you log in ahead of time, saving you a few precious seconds. Once logged in, hit refresh right as tickets go on sale.

Nine times out of 10, the artist has a website or fansite where you can sign up for presales. Ticketmaster in the U.S. also has the Verified Fan presale. On websites as Eventim you can sign up for a ticket alert, so they let you know as first when tickets will be in sale and it gives you a better chance to be up early for the ticket sale!

Lots of retailers allow you to sign up for an account and add your payment details in advance, which saves you a lot of time as you only get small period to enter your card details when you manage to get tickets. To make everything as smooth as possible, pick your retailer and sign up to it. In fact, it would be best to sign up to as many who will sell the tickets as possible.

Different websites offer different options for disabled tickets. Some are phone order only and others may offer a separate link. Contact the retailer in advance to find out how to purchase the tickets and follow the above tips accordingly.

There are various options for obtaining concert tickets presale or after the box office opens. Presale refers to the time period before tickets go on sale to the general public. Presales happen mostly online, generally a few days to a few weeks before the public sale begins.[1]XResearch source These offers can account for up to 90% of the available tickets, and are used for fan club members, select credit card holders, and acquaintances of the band.[2]XResearch source All remaining tickets that have not been sold during the presales become available through the public sale. You can buy public sale tickets online, by telephone, or at the box office. Tickets become available at all three places at the same time, and all three are selling tickets from the same pool. If the event sells out, you may still be able to score one or more seats.

Just like how no two concerts are alike, every music fan is different. But while their favorite artists may vary, they all have one thing in common: a desire to find the best tickets at the lowest price. Fortunately, by following at least some of the tips below, fans can secure great seats at an even better price.

For the hottest shows of the year, the onsale is still typically the time to secure the best offer, especially if you have a specific seat in mind. For those who are more flexible, buying tickets on the secondary market may actually provide a better deal. This is especially true for shows that are not sold out, where prices on the secondary market can often drop below the face value of the ticket. On SeatGeek, 55% of concert tickets in Boston in the last year cost less than $100 each, and 21% cost less than $50 a ticket.

No matter where you shop, make sure it is a trusted marketplace that has buyer protections in place. While fans may see great deals on places like Craigslist, in the event that something is wrong with the tickets, it is often nearly impossible to track down the seller to get the refund that is rightfully deserved.

Once you have figured out where and when to buy tickets, the question is where to sit. This, of course, varies by venue. For amphitheatre shows, the best deals are almost always the seats in the lawn, especially for fans who can arrive at the venue early and get a spot up front. In stadium and arena shows, it can get a bit more complex, as the location of the stage can have a big impact on how good seats are. Broadly speaking, the best deals can often be found on the seats that are on the opposite end of the arena from the stage. While they are a further distance from the artist, they actually offer the best sightline to the entire stage, which artists are increasingly using.

BEWARE OF TICKET RE-SELLERSAlways purchase your Summerfest tickets from authorized official Summerfest sales outlets. These include,, and the ticket selling window at Henry Maier Festival Park. No other individuals are authorized to sell Summerfest tickets.

*CHILD AND SENIOR ADMISSION TICKETOnly available at the Summerfest ticket selling windows during Summerfest due to the age restrictions. A senior ticket is $20 (62 and over). A child ticket is $6 (ages 3-10). Valid for 1 (one) general admission during operating hours of Summerfest. Children (2 and under) are FREE. Senior/Child general admission tickets are not valid for admission to American Family Insurance Amphitheater shows.

Please note: State Fair admission is not included in the purchase of Grandstand Concert Series tickets. Customers must purchase admission into the fairgrounds in addition to the Grandstand ticket.

If you select mobile ticket delivery when you purchased your tickets, your phone is your ticket. If you purchase more than one ticket, we strongly encourage you to send a ticket to each member in your party before arriving at the venue. Learn more.

No refunds or exchanges. Official Grandstand tickets are sold only by the Minnesota State Fair Ticket Office and We are not able to assist with tickets purchased from third-party sellers and cannot guarantee that those tickets are valid. If a concert is delayed due to weather or any other circumstance, no refunds will be issued. If the concert is rescheduled or canceled, Etix will email ticket purchasers with further information. Ticket holder agrees to comply with all Minnesota State Fair policies and protocols (including health, safety and security) in place at the time of the 2023 State Fair, and acknowledges that policies and protocols may be updated between time of ticket purchase and the State Fair, as the State Fair finalizes its 2023 plans.

If you're getting ready to score tickets to your favorite artist's next show, or even your next comedy gig, then the best concert ticket sites is a great place to start. This guide will lay out everything you'll want to look for when ticket hunting, including the most reliable websites to find what you need.

There are a whole host of concert ticket sites out there now, and each one has a slightly different specialty. So, it's essential to know what you're looking for before you start hunting on a specific site. Before you consider which concert ticket site is best for you, think about the type of events you enjoy frequenting, whether that's the theatre, a music concert, or even a stand-up gig.

You'll also want to think about seating or standing, availability, price, and for sell-out gigs, there are resale rates to consider too. Some concert ticket sites let you buy tickets directly as they're released while others specialize in getting you tickets after they've sold out. It's also important to take reliability and safety into account when you're making big purchases online, so you can lower the chance of being scammed.

Luckily we've done the leg work for you and rounded up this list of the very best concert ticket sites so you can find the ultimate option for the tickets you're looking for. And if you want more specific picks then take a look at the best sports ticket sites (opens in new tab) and best online auction sites (opens in new tab) too.

Many positive five star reviews commented on how easy it is to use the mobile app and website, however, there are a number of negative reviews. One customer complained that after buying tickets through a reseller on StubHub and flying interstate for the concert, the tickets were cancelled and there was little support from the company itself.

If you don't have one of the best home computers, or just prefer browsing on your phone, then luckily the mobile app is also easy to use and it lets you access tickets on the day of the event. Once you purchase the ticket, a bar code on your phone will get you into the venue, so you don't have to worry about having access to a printer either. You can also follow your favorite artists on the app and receive instant alerts about upcoming shows in your area.

Not only does StubHub allow you to buy tickets, but you can also use the platform to sell any tickets to shows you can't attend. You can use either the computer application or mobile app to sell your tickets, and StubHub will collect 10% of the sale price.

Ticketmaster is one of the most well known ticket sites, and is most likely most people's go-to destination for purchasing concert tickets with confidence. The web interface is easy to use with clear markers for different genres, and it will give you recommended concerts based off your purchase history.

It's also a great place to shop for tickets thanks to its return policy. The site gives you three days after your purchase to change your mind when you purchase tickets for events at venues participating in the website's Fan Guarantee program. It's also the only site we reviewed which lets you return tickets for events that have been rescheduled and not canceled, which is great for added peace of mind and avoiding losing any money unnecessarily.

Across the sites we reviewed, the prices on Ticketmaster were average and you do get the benefit of buying tickets from a primary seller. This means that tickets for in-demand concerts may be cheaper on Ticketmaster than elsewhere, as long as you're able to buy them in time.

Ticketmaster has lots of positive reviews around buying tickets in the first initial sale, but some customers complained about their re-selling process. One person commented that they would get charged a fee to buy and resell, as well as a fee for the buyer, which puts the price up significantly. 59ce067264


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