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Vissarion Sokolov
Vissarion Sokolov


Three years have passed since the knights were freed, and Kale and Bardon are now married and living in Wizard Fenworth's castle. However, the land is not faring well: Wizards Burner Stox and Crim Cropper are at war with each other, and the land is faring badly because of it. Kale and Bardon are forced to accept separate missions if the land is to survive. Kale, as a dragonkeeper, must travel with her father Sir Kemry to find his missing dragons, who fled when he was captured years ago, while Bardon, as a knight, is enlisted to help prepare (or prevent) the coming war.


"An Analysis of Ping's Personal Growth in Carole Wilkinson's Novel Dragonkeeper." Kibin, 2023,

This wonderful novel, receiving a number of prestigious awards, combines fantasy, history and saga within the magical and hazy past of the Han dynasty. The dragon, Danzi, must be helped to recover from wounds, escape makers of dragon-based medicines, and have his dragonstone preserved. Ping is the unwilling, illiterate left-handed slave girl of the bogus dragonkeeper, and she successfully negotiates their danger-filled journey, challenging a number of stereotypes along the way.... 041b061a72


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