How To Start And Grow A "Profitbale" Party Promotion Business

Even If You Do Not Have Any Existing Experience!

Exclusive Training With Event Planning Experts - Sidney King & Brooks Beard


King Entertainment is a party promotion & special events planning company founded in 2010. Our mission has been to develop and create unique experiences that will engage, uplift, and retain diverse audiences in a professional social setting. 


Some of you are in your twenties now and others remember those days and reminisce about the fun those years brought. After a few years of attending various parties/events in our city and others alike.We decided that going out is still very fun, but paying to do so was getting expensive & most of the parties we were going to seemed the same. We sat together and brainstormed different ideas we would like to see in our city and decided to pitch those ideas to promoters we knew. After weeks of the top promoters telling us our ideas were “dumb” and “stupid. We finally decided we were going to be the change we want to see and started our own company. 


Our events have transcend across various ethnicities, genders and age demographics to create a holistic for all in experience now coined #TheKingWay.


As a premier entertainment group we have hosted events that have engaged celebrities such as James Harden, Terrence J, Fantasia, Allen Iverson, T.I., Anthony Hamilton and PJ Tucker, to name a few and lead to features in Ebony’s magazine. 


Our continued relationships with premier locations in various cities have allowed us to attract key niche markets and generate millions in revenue.

#TheKingWay Blueprint© For Party Promoters Will Teach You...

✔︎ How to effectively create a long lasting, recognizable & equitable Brand.


✔︎ Leverage: How to leverage credit to get access to funding and sponsorships.


✔︎ How to establish a LLC and Tax ID to minimize liability.


✔︎ How to market your events utilizing, email, text, social media, Your mobile app, Influencers, & Celebrities.


✔︎ How to execute, weekly, monthly, annual, special events, & celebrity events.


✔︎ How to create a cult like following for your events.

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